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Our five pillars of growth

QIAGEN continues to accelerate the growth of its Sample to Insight portfolio, delivering efficiency and effectiveness, increasing the value of QIAGEN as an employer of choice and enhancing customer experience.

QIAGEN’s growth strategy is anchored on five pillars of growth: Sample technologies, Digital PCR, NeuMoDx,  QIAstat-Dx and QuantiFERON.

Please find additional information on these initiatives in the videos below.

Forensic scientists bring clarity to the chaos of intricate crime scenes by deciphering RNA

What can changes of the invisible microbiome in air tell us?

A pathway to combat a bio-terrorist pathogen

Identifying the gene behind obesity using dPCR

How dPCR is used to standardize molecular tests globally

Transforming the PCR experience

NeuMoDx™ 96 and NeuMoDx™ 288 Video Overview

Interview with Prof. Vincent Thibault on the benefits of the NeuMoDx system

Stephen Young of TriCore Labs speaks about NeuMoDx at AMP 2018

The new QIAstat-Dx multiplex syndromic testing solution for infectious diseases

How QIAstat-Dx, the next generation in syndromic testing, sparked a small revolution

Avoiding repeat hospital visits with syndromic testing

Battling tuberculosis in the time of COVID-19

Tuberculosis diagnosis turns patients into advocates

Testing millions to stop tuberculosis migration